Tui na: Diagnostics, therapeutic massage & cupping.

Tui na (pron. twee na) is the body work system of Chinese medicine, also known as Chinese medical massage, and has been in use for over 2000 years.​

Tui na is a medical system, aimed at treating and preventing disease by using diagnostic techniques to identify tension, damage, weaknesses and imbalances in the soft tissues and joint alignments, and applying therapeutic massage techniques, and manipulations to the body to stimulate the repair and re-alignment of the tissues, with similarities to osteopathy.


Within treatments, medicated oils and lotions, fire cupping and moxibustion are also commonly used where appropriate.


Tui na shares the same principles of meridians and points as traditional acupuncture, though places more focus on the realignment of the connective tissues of the body, so is great for musculoskeletal injuries and issues.

Tui na is commonly used to:


  • Break down scar tissue and adhesions

  • To realign the tissues and joints, and to lubricate the joints


  • To repair soft tissue


  • To strengthen the immune system


  • To encourage the flow of qi and blood and accelerate healing

  • To calm the mind

  • To reduce the risk of recurring injuries 

I am currently a student of tui na in the final stages of my course, training under Rob Aspell with Xian Tian College, with insurance from Balens.

If you would like to an appointment, or to discuss treatment contact me at


Treatments are £30 for 45 to 60 minutes, and take place at my home clinic in EH5.