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Class Schedule

Physiotherapy for Body & Mind

Classes work as an effective and thorough, whole body and mind physiotherapy session.


My goal is to teach you the basic principles of this ancient art form, and give you the tools and support to be able to bring these principles into your own life, in the pursuit of ​a healthier, happier body and mind.

Class Structure & Content

Classes vary from 60 to 90 minute lessons, split into different sections. All the different ‘skills’ of Tai Chi are complementary and class content varies depending on the experience of the class and length of the session.

Classes include;

  • Tai Chi loosening exercises

  • Standing meditation


  • Simple qigong exercises


  • Tai chi walking


  • Yang Style 37 Step Tai Chi Form


You will undoubtedly find some of the exercises easy, and some challenging and my aim is to continue to challenge you enough physically & mentally to retrain your movement and focus, to stimulate real change over time.

Qigong Exercises

The Qigong practiced in class is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Five Element Theory & Practice, sometimes referred to as Medical Qigong.


These exercises are practiced to strengthen and balance the bodies energy system, strengthen the physical body, release physical and emotional stress and improve postural and functional alignments, giving a strong foundation for health & our development within tai chi.

Outdoor Classes

Outdoor classes are scheduled at 1 hour. After this initial hour, at no extra cost, you will have the opportunity for your own practice & to receive additional guidance, as a group or individually. This extra time allows us to explore aspects of tai chi that you may wish to develop further, such as the form, partner work, or tai chi walking, and allows us space to have a chat about aspects of our training.


To book a class, or block of classes, follow the 'Contact me' link or email jamesgbeavis@gmail.com or contact me through my facebook page.

Monthly Membership

Available at £55 per month, payable by standing order.

Membership allows unlimited access to classes.

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