About me

My name is James Beavis, and I am the founder of Edinburgh Tai Chi.


I am passionate about teaching tai chi.  It is my mission to give as many people as I can, access to the health benefits of this ancient art form.


I have used tai chi to recover from my own severe back injuries, chronic fatigue and depression, and I now enjoy the privileged position of being able to teach others the skills and techniques to recover from their own chronic illness and injury.

I enjoy being able to give my students the support and skills to enhance their health and watching that happen.

Seeing peoples posture change, the fluidity of their movement develop and a greater sense of relaxation & well-being develop as they learn how to release their stress and tension is incredibly rewarding.

  • I trained under Matt Berry, founder of West Wales Tai Chi, for over 5 Years.​

  • I am registered and insured with The Tai Chi Union of Great Britain.


  • I have completed over 6500 hours training &


  • 1000 hours continuous professional development.


  • I have been teaching classes and one to ones since May 2015 and have taught over 1500 classes.


I am forever indebted to my friend and mentor Matt Berry, founder of West Wales Tai Chi.

I am incredibly lucky to have trained under such a dedicated and skilled practitioner of the art.


Matt has a depth of knowledge and comprehension of tai chi rarely encountered, 

and the even rarer ability to impart that understanding.

Thank you for your friendship, training, support and guidance. Thank you for helping me find my path, and giving me the courage to walk it. May it continue until we're 130 and beyond!

I am also immensely grateful for my fellow students, training under Matt's expert tutelage, and my own students, past & present. You teach me more than my own training ever could.

I wish you every health and happiness.